Clive Betts (Chair of the Select Committee) has written to the Secretary Of State James Brokenshire on 1st April 2019 sharing many of the concerns Leaseholders have with this pledge’.

Select Committee Letter

Click to access 190401%20Chair%20to%20SoS%20re%20leasehold%20reform.pdf

“We trust that the reforms you announced last week are simply interim measures & that the governments full response to our report will demonstrate a more robust approach to tackling the significant problems we found in the leasehold sector.

“We are concerned that the government appears willing to place a significant level of trust in the same industry that created onerous leases in the first place”.

“We hope that the governments full response to our report will reflect a desire to ACT in the interests of leaseholders who have been badly let down and not allow developers & freeholders who created this crisis to be allowed to define solutions”.

The National Leasehold Campaign are yet to find one leaseholder who are happy with the industry ‘pledge’. Read the NLC reponse to the Pledge below…

It’s time for Government to take a much stronger stance and avoid being taken in like Little Red Riding Hood as the leasehold wolves dress up like Granny.

We urge ALL leaseholders to contact their MPS to support the Committees recommendations & reject the pledge.

Please click here to email your MP