The story of the National Leasehold Campaign was published in Property Investor Today

Take a look at how the NLC was formed by clicking on the link below.–how-the-national-leasehold-campaign-took-the-fight-to-leasehold

The NLC has galvanised leaseholders up and down the country – whether they own flats or houses – to unite together and speak out about the injustices they face, with its success achieved through ‘sheer hard work and determination’

The best-known, and biggest, group of leasehold campaigners congregate together under the banner of the National Leasehold Campaign (NLC), which was formed four years ago to this day and now boasts 20,000 members and a very lively and engaged Facebook group with a similar number of members.

The leaseholders’ charity Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP).

“They literally took the NLC under their wing and gave us a voice. They really are the backbone to our success.”

Leasehold became such a major issue is in no small part due to the many passionate and dedicated leasehold campaigners and activists, who have made it their mission to get rid of a system they describe as ‘feudal’ and ‘abusive’.

“Leasehold is a cross-party issue that needs cross-party support and solutions,” 

Louie Burns would regularly post motivational statuses on the NLC’s Facebook page.

“For years no-one was listening. Government was not interested. Most ministers were not interested. Most MPs were not interested. The media was not interested, on the whole.

Every so often we would be on the radio or in the paper, but it was irregular. Those who make millions from the leasehold sector every year from the misery of leaseholders laughed at us, mocked us and treated us like conspiracy theory nutjobs. We were just mild irritants to them.

All that changed when Katie, Jo & Cath set up the NLC and let their voices be heard. Suddenly we were being invited into parliament. For the first time our voices were being heard. All because of this Facebook group. All because these three ladies decided they would not put up with this unfair treatment. All because they built this fabulous group of like-minded people who let their voiced be heard ❤ LOUIE ❤