Dear all,

On behalf of the National Leasehold Campaign we would like to say a huge thank you for your comprehensive report into leasehold reform and your positive recommendations that will be life changing for leaseholders.

Your report is a damning indictment into the leasehold scandal that has affected so many of us in different ways. Since we launched NLC just over two years ago, those of us driving this campaign have faced regular setbacks and a seemingly impenetrable wall as we fight for justice and redress for existing leaseholders against the rich and powerful developers and freeholders with their clever advisors and professional lobbyists.

Your report has given leaseholders hope; it’s made them smile. Thank you so much for listening to us and having the courage to make such strong recommendations. The NLC supports your recommendations and is ready to help in any way we can to make them happen. We will continue to campaign for the abolition of leasehold in England and Wales.

We imagine that you went into politics to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Your report and your recommendations have done, and will do that, for millions of leaseholders. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Katie, Jo & Cath