Katie, Jo & Cath would love to invite you to watch ‘Fleecehold’ The Play.

A dark political comedy based on the true story of three working mums from the North-West of England who took on the Government, powerful developers, and freeholders to bring about leasehold reform.

There is nothing funny about being trapped in a leasehold property, but the feudal system is so ridiculous, you won’t believe what managing agents, freeholders and investment companies get away with when looking for more and more income streams.

Welcome to Fleecehold, the ever-greedy monster of extreme capitalism, who brings financial and mental health misery to millions of leaseholders in England and Wales under the guise of ‘Homeownership’.

Written by brilliant play script writer Michele Sheldon this play will have you booing and laughing out loud

The play is on in two venues:

Folkestone – Friday 7th & Saturday 8th July

Camden Fringe, London – Friday 11th Aug, Saturday 12th Aug & Sunday 13th Aug.

Come and see our fantastic cast of professional actors:

Lucille Ferguson play Rabble Rouser Katie Kendrick.

Cath Burton as another troublemaking women Cath Williams.

Sasha Ravencroft as yet another women making a fuss about nothing Jo Darbyshire

Philip Honeywell Honeywell as the excellent Richard Fitzgilbert & thorn in our side Louie Burns.

Rowland Hill as the ghost of MP Henry Broadhurst, leasehold reformer

Tim Knightly as the fine Lord Asset Class & an even finer developer.

Katie, Jo & Cath will be attending all of the dates.

Many thanks for your support over the past six years.  We are determined to succeed on our quest to Abolish Leasehold and bring in Commonhold !  We would love to see you at one of the play performances.

Katie, Jo & Cath.