We are at a CRITICAL point in our campaign. Some people may think the Leasehold Scandal is over but we know different, but does your MP? We NEED as many leaseholders as possible to write to their MP’s to keep Leasehold at the top of the political agenda. It is an outstanding matter for ALL MP’s that they have to sort. The Kings Speech provides government with an opportunity to highlight its priorities for the months ahead. WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE LEASEHOLD REFORM IS IN THAT SPEECH !

Writing to your MP can be a great way for them to hear about your Leasehold concerns and take steps to support you. You can find your elected MP and their contact details by typing your postcode into this website here or use Write to Them here (but please tell your leasehold situation in your own words as group emails will be blocked using ‘Write to them’)

Please also include Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) and NLC in your email correspondence

This week (Week Commencing 20th February) lets fill our MP’s inboxes with our emails !!! Let our voices be heard !!

*** This request has been organised by the NLC

We have included an email template to help you. Please edit it as you need to, to reflect your own situation. Let’s keep the message consistent that time is up for the words and action is needed !! Download is below.