Two weeks after the King’s Speech, the long awaited Leasehold & Freehold reform bill will enter parliament

Bill to amend the rights of tenants under long residential leases to acquire the freeholds of their houses, to extend the leases of their houses or flats, and to collectively enfranchise or manage the buildings containing their flats, to give such tenants the right to reduce the rent payable under their leases to A PEPPERCORN, to regulate charges and costs payable by residential tenants, to regulate residential estate management and to regulate rentcharges.

Leasehold & Freehold Reform Bill

We have been repeatedly promised leasehold reforms for many years but this momentous moment can not be underestimated. The National Leasehold Campaign 27,000 members and the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership have played no small part in getting this far.

We are now at a critical time in the campaign. We will be calling on all of our members as this Bill passes through parliament, to reach out to their MP’s from across the house, ALL political parties, to ensure the bill truly does benefit EXISITING Leaseholders.

The sector will no doubt be stepping up their lobbying BUT SO WILL WE ! WATCH THIS SPACE