Leasehold Legend Louie Burns passed away suddenly on Fathers day (Sunday 21st June)

Louie was a loving husband & soul mate to his wife Di, and devoted dad to 3 boys, Danny, Jed & Charlie. We send them all our love. xx

We have started a Fund for his family to honour his memory. Please help support this. Louie gave up so much of his own time travelling the country; educating us all on the rotten leasehold system. He felt a strong injustice for leaseholders and was committed to ending this feudal system. He empowered & inspired us all. Louie never let the Covid Lockdown get in the way of empowering leaseholders and took to producing a weekly podcast with many professionals offering FREE invaluable advice. Just 24 hours before he passed away he wrote his last blog ‘Is Leasehold Really Feudal?’

Now lets unite together to give something back to his family.


His family & friends in Folkestone took part in this beautiful podcast, Please listen


In Louie’s memory we will carry on the Leasehold battle. We are determined to make him proud by carrying on. It will never be the same without him but we are so lucky we had Louie to guide us. His words, knowledge and inspiration will continue to shine through our work.

RIP Louie, Thankyou xxx

Katie, Jo & Cath xxx

Photo Louie’s favourite place, Naples
Quote Chosen by his wife Di