The NLC are really pleased to unite with Leaseholders in Wales to drive change across both England & Wales.

The Welsh Leasehold Campaign (Ymgrch Lesddaliad Cymru)

The British empire spread leasehold to every corner of the globe – but now England and Wales remain the last redoubt of a system regarded as a feudal relic everywhere else. (Guardian 2017)

Leaseholders have had enough. We look forward to working together to strengthen our voices. Leaseholders are determined to bring down this system and we will not stop until we do.

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“So what should we do?

We have to keep the pressure on, in fact, now is the time our voices need to be heard more than ever before. The freeholders have started their fight back and if the only voices being heard are theirs, then they will win.

Please keep making a noise about the situation you are in because of the flawed leasehold system, support as much as you can Katie Kendrick and her fabulous team. Support the Leasehold Knowledge partnership by sharing their articles and by encouragement. Both of these groups work tirelessly day in day out for free to help you all.

We have pushed the heavy stone almost to the top of the hill. Maybe now we are becoming a little weary from the effort and we are tiring. If we let go the stone it will roll down to the bottom of the hill and the Governments legislation changes will just be tinkering around the edges.

If we continue to let our voices be heard, we can change history together and improve the lives of millions of people in this country.

Keep the faith” x

Louie Burns