Money Saving Expert will put key consumer finance questions to ALL Party Leaders during the general election.  The top 5 will be put forward.

‘Leasehold Reform’ is on the list but we need your help to keep it in the top 5.


The fact Leasehold Reform has made it onto Martin Lewis’s list of top consumer issues is brilliant.  This is a direct result of our hard work and keeping Leasehold in the spotlight.

We want to know what ALL parties are going to do about the Leasehold Scandal.  This is a great opportunity.

Things are chaotic at the moment in politics.  This is a cross-party issue and therefore it’s paramount we keep it top of the list when perspective MP’s and councillors come knocking on our doors during the next few weeks wanting our votes.

Therefore we urge ALL of you to:

  • Vote on the MSE Debate by clicking this link.  Choose Leasehold Reform Only (if you choose more than one our response will be watered down)
  • Ask ALL candidates who you may come into contact with during the general election what they are going to to do to end the Leasehold Scandal?  Ask them if they are successful and elected if they would join the APPG on Leasehold & Commonhold Reform
  • If successful make sure you follow this up and hold them to their commitment to join the APPG.