Many ‘new build’ estates now consist of mixed tenures of Leasehold & Freehold. One clearly being a more attractive purchase than the other. We also have a situation where some developments are adopted by the council upon completion and others are not. Therefore some pay full council tax and an estate maintenance charge, others just pay council tax. Is this fair? Some describe it as “paying council tax twice’.

It really is a postcode lottery as Chris & Paul have illustrated so well in this video below.

This affects both Leasehold estates AND Freehold estates.

Whats concerning is some councils appear to be entering into the FLEECEHOLD RACKET as identified in this article by Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

“Developers and councils have immediately seen the advantage of this: councils save money by not doing the job that they have to do in the rest of the borough; developers have created yet another investment asset class – the management contracts – that can be traded on”

The umbrella term ‘FLEECEHOLD’ was created by NLC administrator Joy Dickinson to describe numerous ways Developers, Freeholders and Management Companies use our homes as an endless income stream

People have had enough of these practices. From Leasehold estates to Freehold estates retaining an income from our homes has to stop. We love seeing people uniting together in numerous ways to fight the injustices of the “new build’ housing models.

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This video below has been created by Chris & Paul to illustrate how unfair estate charges on new housing estates are. Please share this video far and wide.

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