The NLC commissioned a digital advertising van to bring the voices of leaseholders to the three main party conferences. 

Raising awareness of many leasehold issues including the building safety crisis, the van toured the areas close to the conference venues with a series of stunning visuals to highlight the plight of the millions of leaseholders across England and Wales.

NLC founder and spokeswoman Katie Kendrick, a children’s nurse from Ellesmere Port said:

Leasehold reform is a cross-party issue and needs to be a priority for all political parties. 

The Labour party clearly gets how many important votes are up for grabs on this issue, with Angela Rayner including it in her opening speech and a host of other references throughout the Labour conference from other politicians. 

Although the Liberal Democrats included it in their manifesto, MP’S failed to mention it at their conference.  At the Conservative Conference Michael Gove made reference to “gangsters” in a fringe speech

“We need to liberate leaseholders from being bilked by private equity gangsters who acquired the freehold”

The Conservatives still failed to mention it at all on the main stage, which was disappointing given the years that we have spent campaigning to influence Government policy on leasehold reform.”

Katie said

“Whilst all political parties make reference to wanting to be the party of homeownership, we needed to get the message out there that Leasehold is not homeownership, it’s a long-term tenancy agreement and for far too many people leasehold is a living nightmare.  Building more leasehold will only perpetuate the problem”.

Cath Williams, a university lecturer from Liverpool, and co-founder of the NLC said “The advertising van was a different way to get our message across and put it right in the faces of the politicians.  They will need to have incredible resolve to progress much needed leasehold reform in the face of freehold investors and a sector that will fight tooth and nail against reforms that will stop them earning money for nothing. 

“We are incredibly proud that our years of campaigning and publicising leasehold abuses, is getting through to politicians.  Leasehold tenure must be abolished.”

Jo Darbyshire, the Managing Director of a pensions administration company, is a co-founder of the NLC.  Darbyshire said:

“We will continue to fight against this feudal system.  Although we have won many battles, there is still so much to do with leaseholders battling onerous ground rents, escalating and unaffordable service charges and more.  Our work is far from done.”

Katie Kendrick said “Our biggest strength is each other. Which is why the ‘Leaseholders Together’ message was a clear visual on the Ad Vans.  

Followong the Kings Speech government are under pressure to deliver the Leasehold & Freehold Bill. The question is will they have enough time ? If not the next government must be ready to action the reforms promptly.  Leaseholders cannot wait a moment longer.