The NLC have launched an event to email ALL developers and request they return our freeholds ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ and ‘free from fee paying covenants & permission fees’ to their rightful owners.

Katie Kendrick states

” Developers can do the right thing but for far too long they choose not too. We are urging all leaseholders to make the reasonable request to their developers to return our freeholds to their rightful owners ahead of legislative changes. This morally is the ‘right thing to do’. It’s disappointing unless threatened with court action (as in the Cardiff case) they fail to act responsibly.

It really is a David V’s Goliath battle”

This event was launched on Facebook this morning.


Leaseholders are rightly riled up about the news of a Persimmon estate in Cardiff being given their freeholds ‘FREE OF CHARGE’. Many reporting experiencing very similar situations to the Cardiff residents who are also members of the NLC

We are encouraging you to email the CEO of the developer you purchased from and ask them to follow the lead of Persimmon Homes Ltd in the Cardiff case

It’s great to see leaseholders uniting together throughout the country to fight back. Enough is enough.
This case is not an isolated case. We are not going to back down on this.


We MUST keep the pressure on developers. We used to carry out mass email events in the early days of the campaign and they were really effective.

We have written a template you can use (if you wish). We urge you all to get your neighbours to ALL send individual emails too. The more the better.

Please send your email to

  • CEO of developer
  • Your MP
  • Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) – sok@leaseholdknowledge.com
  • Secretary Of State For Housing Robert Jenrick
  • Esther Mcvey – Housing Minister – Esther.mcvey.mp@parliament.uk
  • Your local Council & Councillor

Template letter can be found here below. Please amend to suit your situation.


On behalf of *name of estate* we would like to request you return all leaseholders their full freehold titles. Where our freeholds have been sold on to institutional investor’s without offering them to us first, we urge you to buy them back and return them to us. I’m sure you are aware of the recent Cardiff Council V’s Persimmon Homes Ltd case which settled out of court.


It is widely accepted that our homes should never have been Leasehold in the first place, you unnecessarily created a second asset on our homes by creating a lease. Nearly every resident who requested to buy the freehold at the point of sale were told the freehold could only be bought after 2 years, unaware that your intention was to sell the freehold onto investors before we were able to purchase the freehold. This is not acceptable. This is not an isolated case, almost everyone was told the same thing at the point of sale, this was systematic, and the responsibility is with you. As the CEO/Director you have a duty to your customers to correct the mistake of the recent past and understand this was selling a product to your customers without being totally open, honest and transparent with them.

Residents would not have proceeded with the purchase had you been open and transparent with your intentions. This crucial information was withheld from us at the point of sale which consequently prevented us from making an informed decision.

In relation to the above case Persimmon accepted they “could have communicated better or more clearly”. They went onto state “Ensuring that customer satisfaction, as part of our Persimmon Pledge, sits at the heart of our business and so when things do not go as planned, we want to do our best to put things right. As a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to provide all leasehold owners with their freehold title, without any cost”

We urge you, ahead of government legislative changes to ‘Do the right thing’ This is your opportunity to ‘Put things right’ and return to us our Freeholds (free also of fee payment covenants)

We request that you return to all leaseholders the freehold of their property. This should apply whether it was a first time buyer or subsequent buyer of the property.

We look forward to your response.

Here are a few email addresses for the CEO’s

Bellway – CEO Jason Honeyman Jason.honeyman@bellway.co.uk

Persimmon – CEO David Jenkinson


Barratt -CEO David Thomas David.thomas@barrattplc.co.uk
Linden Homes – CEO Grahma Prothero graham.prothero@gallifordtry.co.uk
Morris –CEO Mike Gaskell mgaskell@morrishomes.co.uk
Redrow – CEO John Tutte john.tutte@redrow.co.uk

Taylor Wimpey peter.redfern@taylorwimpey.com

Alternatively if you can’t find your CEO’s email address please SEARCH HERE

Or search on this website https://www.ceoemail.com