Even Priti Patel’s parents tried to fleece more money out of leaseholders…… 600% more !

Their response when approached by the journalist for a comment was …. “GET LOST !” The full article published in the Mirror can be found below https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/priti-patels-landlord-parents-overpriced-26959507 Katie Kendrick, founder of the National Leasehold Campaign, told the Mirror: “In this situation the leaseholder was left with no other option and was forced to a tribunal to challenge the premium.The process of challenging at tribunal is daunting, stressful and costly for leaseholders as their legal fees mount up.” The full FTT ruling can be found here And it would appear the Patels are not the only ones taking advantage of the feudal archaic leasehold system for their own financial gain.

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