The Governments Ground Rent Consultation closes TODAY.

This is your FINAL reminder to complete the Ground Rent Consultation. This is the best opportunity we have had to make a HUGE change to the system that is rotten to the core. Some Leaseholders may feel their Ground Rent is the least of their problems when they face thousands of pounds unfair Service Charges BUT our campaigns aim to ABOLISH LEASEHOLD has never changed. Killing ground rents for EXISTING leaseholders would go a VERY LONG WAY to getting to our final destination.

We have provided guidance below on how to do this.


Don’t leave it to others, TAKE ACTION NOW !!

Yesterday the NLC ladies gave verbal evidence to the Leasehold & Freehold Bill Committee. We delivered a very clear message that A PEPPERCORN is the only option acceptable for leaseholders. If Ground Rents are wrong for the future as per the 2022 Ground Rent Bill, they are wrong for the past, Jo Darbyshire reminded the Committee that Ground Rent is FOR NO SERVICE.